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Frequently Asked Questions


Where Can I Find You on Social Media?

To connect on social media, you can find me here: Facebook Page | Instagram | Pinterest


How Can I Request an Interview or Press Opportunity?

We love collaborating with other influencers and media partners. To request an interview or press opportunity, use the form above or email katy[at]


Can I Advertise or Become a Sponsor?

Yes, Hello Sensible offers sponsorship and advertising opportunities to a limited number of premium brands. Inquire using the form above for more information or email katy[at]


Does Hello Sensible Accept Guest Posts?

Guest post opportunities are primarily available by invitation only, but if you have a killer idea that serves Hello Sensible’s audience, we’d be glad to consider it. To apply, use the hyperlink to review the guidelines & submit a guest blog post.


Can I Use Hello Sensible’s Content in a Round-Up Post?

If you wish to include any of my content in a link round-up, please request permission using the form above or email katy[at] Permission is not granted for anyone to use any content on my site without my prior knowledge.


For all other questions, inquire using the form above.

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